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Brantford , Ontario , Canada

Description / Biography

It is not always about money or lack of it, but rather are you open to ideas or plans that could improve your situation, now or in the future.

Style’s Style

It is all about Wealth Management.  Lyle absolutely lives by the budget, and teaches the principals of “Making your budget work for you”.  Lyle passionately believes that without a budget: How do you know how well you are or are not doing?

Lyle’s Story

Lyle retired from Bell Canada as a Manager – Methods & Procedures in their Radio/Video Group.  He then contracted for 7 years in the US as a Detail Engineer.  When 911 happened he returned to Canada where I studied and became re-Licensed as a Life Insurance Agent helping people protect their future and realize their financial goals.

He now works with Smart Financial Consulting Inc. a company that specializes in products that are absolutely transforming people’s lives and puts them in control of their financial future.  Our programs are building one of the most loyal and robust customer bases that I have ever seen, even in this challenging economy.

Our strength is in our 6 step process:

Step 1: Data Gathering – Examine Your Current Financial Situation

Step 2: Develop Your Financial Goals

Step 3: Analyze and Identify Solutions

Step 4: Tailor-Made – Recommendations

Step 5: Implementing Strategies

Step 6: Follow ups – Review & Update Financial Plan Periodically

Items that we cover: Budgeting, Saving Money, Personal Finance, Planning for Life Stages, Debt Management, Wealth Management, Income Tax Planning, Investment Planning, Insurance Planning, Tax-Free Income Planning.


“Thanks to Smart Financial Consulting we no longer rely on our credit cards.  Through the debt management program our cash flow has significantly increased and our mortgage term reduced by 8 years.”                           Anna & Richard – Barrie


“We are very happy with SFC. Their customer service is wonderful. They made us feel so much better about our debt situation.”   We are now on a budget that we can live with and our stress level is significantly reduced.             

B & N – Brantford

“Finally, a plan that covers all the bases, that makes sense, and is good for the customer. Many thanks”.

GF – Cambridge

“There is no way I could have done this on my own. The threatening phone calls, letters and stress are all but gone. Only someone in debt can understand the stress; and only someone who was in debt can really appreciate the overwhelming relief of being in control.”

W & T B – Hamilton